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Three years of us!

A little over three years have passed since we opened the doors of our restaurant in Turin located in Corso Peschiera 198b and despite the fact that a pandemic (not yet finished) and an economic crisis (still ongoing) have passed in between, we want to look at the good things of these (more or less) 150 months together.

We took the time to reflect and we realized that in spite of everything, we have achieved many things that make us smile and look forward with hope: over one hundred thousand Empanadas baked for you; hundreds of glasses of Argentine wine (wine that many of you approached for the first time); the pride of serving customers of all types every day, from students to top-level athletes, passing from those who work multple shifts every day like us; we have seen the children of many of you born (and grow up), we have seen you receiving marriage proposals, we have seen you marry, we have seen you graduate from school and college, we have seen you sign your first employment contract, we have seen you engaged in social work, we have seen you fall in love and we have seen love ending and starting again; we took our Empanadas around Europe and beyond (to the United Arab Emirates!); without doing a minimum of advertising we are over three thousand and five hundred across our social medias; we are the Empanadas business with the highest ratings in Europe on Google and Trip Advisor; we have established a link with various peasant realities in the area; we have been recognized by industry specialists for our work; we have been to some of the best wineries in the world and today we bring you their wines; we have worked on various projects with several of you; we opened our hearts to every order you placed through our fully personalized dedications on boxes and envelopes; we enjoyed every moment you ate at our place while chatting with you as if we were literally at home; this list could go on and on!

In short, three years in which TOGETHER we have built something special, there is no doubt about this. But... what now?

Now new challenges await us, new challenges to get through this period of economic crisis, to continue to offer you the best of the best, to continue to introduce you to Argentina through the flavors of Empanadas and our Malbecs, to continue to carry on this dream started in 2016 at the Cascina Roccafranca. It will not be easy and the next few months will be crucial to understand where we can go and what we can achieve. We know that we need the help of all of you because Alpi Empanadas is not only Griselda and her family, Alpi Empanadas are all of us together. Spread the word, tell about us to those who have never heard of us, come to the shop to eat, order Empanadas and wines as if it were a party at every meeting with family and friends, accompany us every day with a like, share our posts, continue to be part of this family that makes us so happy and proud!

Three years of us in the hope that there are many more to come. Are you ready to continue this adventure? We are here and we can't wait to continue living unique moments with you.

A warm hug!

Ger (the one who signs so many of your boxes and envelops).


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